Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mom's Great Granola

I love granola!  I like to have it with some soy milk or sprinkle it in my yogurt or on top of a fruit smoothie.  But it's too expensive for my budget.  So, I make it!  I have a good granola recipe I would like to share created by my mother.  It's so easy and doesn't take a whole lot of time at all.  

 The only thing I was missing this time was the sesame seeds...bummer.  But you can add or omit any of the seeds if you choose not to use them, don't have them, or don't like them.  You can even add in some nuts or dried fruit.  You would throw in the dried fruit after the baking when you put the granola away for storing, or just sprinkle it on top of your granola when you're ready to have a bowl, which is what I do.

Mom's Great Granola
3 cups rolled oats

3 Tablespoons corn meal

3 Tablespoons whole wheat flour

3 Tablespoons sesame seeds

3 Tablespoons sunflower seeds

3 Tablespoons flax seed

2 Tablespoons wheat germ

1/3 cup canola oil

1/4 cup plus 3 Tablespoons maple syrup (this adds just the right sweetness!)

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees and lightly coat a large cookie sheet with cooking spray and set aside.

Combine well the dry ingredients in a large bowl: rolled oats, corn meal, whole wheat flour, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and wheat germ

 In a separate small bowl, whisk together the canola oil and the maple syrup until it thickens.

 Pour the maple syrup mixture into the oats mixture and coat well.

 Spread the entire bowl of coated oats onto the greased cookie sheet and lay out the mixture evenly.  

 Bake for 30 minutes tossing every 10 minutes.  I set the timer for 10 minutes once I place the tray in the oven, toss, then set for another 10, toss again, until I've reached the 30 minute baking you'll need to toss only twice.

Once baking is completed, let cool before storing.  I usually keep it in a air tight container or mason jar. 


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    1. Okay, thanks Steve! I'll check it out!

  2. looks and sounds yummy!

    1. Thank you, Colleen! :) It is a yummy one! And very simple! My mom used to make it all the time growing up.