Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Really Been A Long Time...

Hi All!

Yeah it's been really long time since I have last blogged.  A lot has happened.

We've had a new addition to the family...

My Little Man
7 lbs, 20 in
born at home
October 26, 2012, 1:41 AM

Yep!  I birthed him at home!  It was all planned!  Three and a half hours of labor so he showed up pretty fast.  Pretty intense labor, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  It was the perfect experience!  I recommend to anyone who is low risk to birth at home.  Had my baby, and after it was all done, took my baby right to my bed.  MY bed!!!  So nice!

So, yes, now, I'm finally trying to get back on my feet again.  Pregnancy wasn't very easy this time around.  You get tired pretty quickly when you have to waddle everywhere and chase a very active 5 year old and a 2 year old.    There wasn't much time where I could put my feet up and rest like they tell you to do in all the preggo books.  I suffered from back pain, achy hips, varicose veins, major fatigue, being hormonal, and nausea, but I continued to press on!  I would love to have more, but I really have to count the cost from the nine months I went through this third pregnancy.   It was no picnic!  I'm sure a few years from now I'll forget everything...Oh, boy!

In between contractions, with a smile on my face!

Why home birth, you may wonder?  I knew I was low risk first off...although I have thalassemia.  I also knew that I wouldn't use any pain meds.  Never did for my other two because I know the risks and longer recovery involved from using them, plus, I had quick labors with the other two as well.  So, not a lot of time to get hooked up to an epidural.  And the main reason is because I didn't want any hospital intervention what so ever.  I hate hospitals, and I'll be nice by saying I don't like doctors.  I feel like you're treated as a medical problem rather than a mother naturally birthing her baby.  I had good experiences in the hospital with my other two, but I didn't like the labor/birth experience, as good as they went.  I felt rushed and it seemed all so impersonal.  I have a relationship with my midwife, and she cares about me.  She was always looking out for my best interest and aloud me to have full control of my labor and delivery unless she felt she needed to intervene in any way.  She was amazing!!!    

   My midwife (my right) and her assistant

I also wanted the best delivery for my baby.  Less stress on him was the key.  I knew being at home that stress on me would be lowered to a minimum not having to worry about rushing to the hospital and getting there on time...don't want to be birthing the baby in the car...not having doctors and nurses yelling at you to push, and not having people tell you how to take care of your baby.  I had gotten yelled at for co-sleeping with my daughter when I was in the hospital for her.  I was hurt.  I know they have regulations and they have to protect their butts, but still.  It seems the hospitals don't encourage the mother/baby bonding relationship that is suppose to happen once a baby is born.  First off, they take the baby to be cleaned immediately after it's born rather than give you the baby to nurse, if you don't request to hold your baby first.  That should be common knowledge and shouldn't have to be requested!  Then they swaddle it tightly and keep it in a plastic container.  I held my baby for 3 days straight from the time I delivered him.  He remained only in a diaper those 3 days until my midwife told me it was probably time I should start dressing him!  I remained barely clothed myself those first three days as well because all I wanted to do was cuddle him skin to skin.  That bonding those first few days is so important, and I feel, hospitals don't encourage that bonding!  It's sad!  My baby is the easiest I have had.  I have no complaints!  He barely cries, he nurses very well, and he is always content.  I really feel that my decision in a home birth and the bonding time I have had with him has had something to do with it.

So, bottom line, I am a HUGE advocate for home birthing!

MUST READ...Ina May's Guide to Childbirth


MUST SEE..."The Business of Being Born"...was on Netlfix!!

Anyways, I think posts may still be far and few between, though, for the heads up.  My son started kindergarten this past September, and I am home schooling him, plus, my youngest being born in October; it's been a lot to take on all at once.  I want to continue sharing more recipes that I have tweaked or veganized...tried some new recipes since my last post...but I think I may want to share other things as well "for what it's worth!"

Talk to you soon!!!